Sunday, January 23, 2011

Beginnings... or Genesis

This year I decided, like I am sure many of my fellow believers, to take on the task to read the bible. Some of us do a couple of studies in general, but I have decided to read through the whole thing. I have thought about doing it often and started but never finished. So I am trying again. This time I wanted to journal about some of the things I found interesting along the way.

In the beginning God spoke a lot and things happened. All of it good. He was pleased so much with the work He did, He even took a break. When He place Adam in the garden He spoke to him and told him exact directions on how to live life, as a worker, as leader, as a pastor. He even gave him a boundary to follow. Isn't it interesting that God's word, even that of warning, is still good? Sometimes we take God's word as a punishment if it doesn't align with what we the creation think it should be.

God spoke again to Noah when the coming flood. He told him when the start, how to build, what to pack, and who to take with him. Again, His word was good. He survived a devastating flood and was able to have a clean slate.

Abraham also heard from God. He was given direction and vision. Abraham though doubted. He doubted God to the point that he sinned against God. He lied about his wife, giving her over to another man; not once but twice. He took another woman into his bed because his wife figured that was how God was going to bring this blessing child that he promised them. God's word was given to Abraham as a promise that things will be good in the long run but they had to wait.

The book of Genesis spoke to me this time about how God's word is sometimes not what we want to hear. It even takes longer than what we expect but obedience of it can bring amazing reward. I am sure that I will fail as Abraham did but in his failure God still counted him faithful because of his desire (heart) for God.

Prayer: Oh Lord, Father so lovely. Thank you for new beginnings. Thank you for your word that never comes back void. Allow me to surrender my thoughts, desires, and wants to you for you know my life entirely. You have seen my future and know that I will need certain things that only you can provide. Thank you for loving me even though I fail. In Jesus name. Amen

Monday, January 3, 2011

Sitting on a plane

My thoughts are running about a thousands miles faster than this plane. Even though I can never seem to remember what I did a few days ago, God has given me a heart to feel where my journey has taken me. There is a lot to say about this recent trip to my homeland, the place I grew up. Even though it has been years since I lived there having family there makes it home for me. It's pretty amazing to know that Heaven is also our home. That while we are foreigners on earth we feel connected back home through the Holy Spirit.

We are all tourist on this journey. We see this more frequently in those who do not see it that way. Walking around with paper maps in shapes of there broken hearts. Looking for the place that doesn't exist. We are placing it on tables, dirty with the troubles of this world. Never able to locate the "You are here" in their heart-shaped maps. Walking aimless in a direction lead by what is seen but never the unseen. Like a carrot dangling over their head.

I can't say that I know where I will end up but I trust the navigator of my heart. A GPS that never fails. Jesus is my pilot in this maze of life and I may not be able to see out the window of this plane but I trust the pilot knows the way. So I sit here waiting to disembark in my next location of the journey.

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Location:30,000 ft above land